General Terms

These general terms and conditions apply between Kronans Bed & Breakfast, hereinafter referred to as KB&B and KB&B’s guests hereinafter referred to as “The Traveller”, who themselves or through another enter into an agreement with KB&B as stated in the confirmation. The agreement applies to housing.

When will the booking be binding?
The booking is valid for both KB&B and the Traveller as soon as KB&B confirms the booking.

If the booking has been made by phone, the booking is binding when the key has been retrieved from the key cabinet according to instructions and confirmation via SMS. The key may only be retrieved by the recipient of the confirmation

The bookings are personally binding to the holder of the telephone number indicated when booking and who is stated as the recipient of confirmation by sms, unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking.

Minimum age for booking
To book/enter into an agreement with KB&B, you must be 18 years of age. When booking larger groups, at least two people must be 18 years of age. Compliance with the age limit is a requirement to access the property.

When will payment be made?
• For bookings via website or telephone, the stay will be paid as at the latest upon check-out after the stay.
• For online bookings, payment stated in the agreement on the current booking page applies.

The traveller can cancel orally or in writing to KB&B on phone +46 (0)708-818283 or e-mail: Please note that cancellation is not valid until the traveller has received a written confirmation from KB&B, either by email or sms.

Change of booking
If it is possible to change parts of the booking, this is done free of charge.

Cancellation policy
Free cancellation is valid until 72 hours before arrival, half the total for the stay must be paid if it is cancelled between 72 and 24 hours. 24 hours or later before arrival, the full amount must be paid.

If something goes wrong
If all or part of the booking cannot be delivered according to the booking confirmation and if no replacement arrangement can be arranged (whose differences with what is booked are so small that it is irrelevant e.g. hotel or cottage in the same class), the Traveller has the right to cancel. The traveller will then get back everything that is paid, less the value of the parts of the booking that may have already been used, as well as cancellation insurance, change and booking fee. If the Traveller has a complaint, this must be submitted to KB&B within 3 days of the date of arrival. Errors that occur during the stay must be reported immediately, this is primarily done to the hotel. If the Traveller has failed to seek rectification during the rental period and thus has not given the hotel the opportunity to correct any deficiencies, the Traveller cannot subsequently claim compensation. If the Traveller is still not satisfied with the compensation/compensation, this must be presented in writing no later than 30 days after departure.

As an organizer, KB&B is obliged to ensure that:
• The traveller receives a written confirmation of the booking.
• The traveller receives documents and other information in good time.
• Purchased services match the description. KB&B is not responsible for promises that the owner or his contact person may have made directly to the Traveller without KB&B’s knowledge and which KB&B was not aware of. (If the Traveller has agreed on something that is not covered by the organiser’s agreement, be sure to have it in writing and signed by the owner or contact person).
• The traveller is informed of all material changes relating to the booking.
• If the Traveller is not satisfied with all or part of the booking, the traveller should turn to kb&b.

What are the traveler’s obligations?
• The traveller has an obligation to check the booking confirmation as soon as it is received. Any errors must be addressed immediately. Promises made by booking staff in manual handling that are of significant importance to the Traveller must be listed in the travel documents in order to be invoked.
• The traveller is responsible for the control and possible acquisition of travel insurance through his or her home insurance or alternative insurance company.
• If the Traveller has any complaint regarding the object, the Traveller must primarily contact the host/hotel so that any ambiguities can be resolved during your stay.
• The traveller must at the time of booking state whether the Traveller suffers from any type of allergy so KB&B as an intermediary has the opportunity to find the right item.
• KB&B reserves us for changes in the law and price changes that are beyond our control.

Personal data
By paying, the Traveller agrees that personal data may be processed by KB&B. The purpose of this is to enable customary guest administration, to ensure that KB&B has access to reliable personal documentation in the event of an accident, to meet the conditions for cancellation protection and to administer and process any damages. The data may also be used to inform about insurance and payment services as well as travel-related offers. When booking online, the customer receives an email confirmation and after departure a follow-up email with questions. The guest’s comments and answers are very helpful to us.

Force majeure
In the event that the trip cannot be carried out due to an obstacle beyond the organiser’s control that the organiser could not reasonably be expected to have counted on when the contract was concluded and the consequences of which he could not reasonably have avoided or overcome, the organiser is free from liability for damages or other penalties. The same applies even if the trip is cancelled depending on someone hired by the organizer or another upstream. We reserve the right for changes in the law and price changes that are beyond our control.