The largest collection of single malts in western Sweden

Most people probably know that we have the largest collection of single malts in western Sweden. And the collection is still growing. Our ambition is to be the largest in the world. Right now we have almost 1000 different whiskies.

We arrange tastings in the Whisky VIP section, where we round off the tasting with our live 30-litre cask. We accept groups of a minimum of six people and a maximum of 50 people on each occasion. You’d be hard pressed to find a nicer atmosphere for a whisky tasting, and if you want to expand your knowledge, we recommend our exclusive tasting that takes place in March each year. For the avid whisky lover, we also have our Whisky Society, which you can get more information during your visit.

You are always welcome to book a whisky tasting with us – we just need three days’ notice.

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We’d be happy to tell you more during your visit.

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